1) To get acquainted with the TPX program, you might want to try first running the TPX client and server on the same computer, just for testing purposes. For this configuration, you do not need to change the ini files (of both client and server), since the remote host to which the client connects is localhost. Just first start the TPX server, define the default database and one or more users, then start the TPX client and log in.


2) Tip. If you want tpxserver.exe to start automatically after rebooting and logging in to your server, you can add a shortcut to tpxsrvr.exe to the Windows startup group.

3) Double clicking on the tray icon will open the TPX server program, see screenshot below.


4) Right-clicking on the TPX Server tray-icon, then clicking on 'exit' will stop and close the TPX database server:

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