How to migrate from TreePad Business Edition (or lower)
TreePad X Enterprise can not directly access a TreePad Business Edition (or lower) database. However, you can import any .tpd, .hjt or .htmhjt database created with TreePad Business Edition, TreePad SAFE, TreePad PLUS or TreePad Lite, directly into TreePad X Enterprise through menu:database⁄import into tree (this menu is available in TreePad X Client).
The most direct way to migrate information stored in a .tpd or .hjt database into TPX Enterprise is to import the database into an existing and opened TPX database as described above.
Nevertheless, should you wish to do so, you can also perform a one-to-one conversion of your .tpd or .hjt database to TPX Enterprise:
(1) first create a new TPX Enterprise database with the TPX Administrator program
(2) make sure that you have sufficient rights to login to the new database as a user in TPX Client
(3) restart TPX Client (so that the new database is available in the 'open database' dialog), and open the new database in TPX Client
(4) finally, import the .tpd or .hjt database into the root node of the new (and still empty) TPX database through menu:database⁄import⁄into tree
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