Step 3: Test TPX connection
Step 3 tries to make a connection to the TPX server program on the remote computer on the most basic level, without the requirement of any authentication. The TPX echo command uses the diagnostics TCP⁄IP port to send a string to the TPX server program and waits for the TPX server program to return the exact string. This test succeeds if the exact string is returned and shown in the 'received data' field.
If this test fails, while step 2 succeeds, the TPX server program might not run on the remote computer, the diagnostics port is in use by another process on the client or server computer, or the evaluation licence is expired on the server program.
To solve this problem, you need to check on the remote server computer whether the TPX server program is actually running and whether or not it displays an error message. If everything seems to look OK, you might also want to run the TPX Administrator program on the server to check whether you can log in as Administrator.
Only after this step succeeds, it is useful to proceed to the next step.
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