Installing TreePad X Server from scratch



TreePad X Server consists of:

(1) the program tpxsrvr.exe (the database server),
(2) the program tpxadmin.exe (the database administrator program) and
(3) the file tpxsrvr.ini (server settings).
(4) install_tpx_as_service.bat - batch file for installing tpxsrvr.exe as a non-interactive Windows service.
(5) start_service.bat - batch file for starting the service tpxsrvr
(6) stop_service.bat - batch file for stopping the service tpxsrvr
(7) install_tpx_as_interactive_service.bat - batch file for installing tpxsrvr.exe as an interactive Windows service.
(8) uninstall_service.bat - batch file for uninstalling the service tpxsrvr
(9) view_active_services.bat - batch file for viewing all active

All files can be found in, and need to be copied on your server computer, and into the same directory.

The server program (tpxsrvr.exe) is responsible for storing⁄retrieving data, and handling multiple client requests directly through the TCP⁄IP network protocol.

Using the TPX Administrator program (tpxadmin.exe) you can create, verify and repair databases, add⁄modify⁄delete user accounts, assign power-user rights to certain users.

The settings file (tpxsrvr.ini) defines the TCP⁄IP ports used by TPX. For normal operation it is not necessary to change this file.

The batch files are necessary if you want to install TPX as a Windows service (optional, see the article Installing TPX as a Windows service for more information)



To upgrade from a previous TPX version, please see Upgrading

Installation details:

1) Create a directory on your server computer, for example: c:\program files\tpxserver

2) Extract all files into the archive into the directory created in step 1. These files need to reside in the same directory.

3) Copy the eleven- or ten-line registration number (sent to you by Freebyte) onto the Windows clipboard from your email program.

4) Start the tpxsrvr.exe program by double clicking on it

5) In the tpxserver license screen (which pops up after first running tpxsrvr.exe, please see the first screen shot below), use the paste button to paste the registration number from clipboard (please see the second screen shot below).

The TPX license screen when first running TPX server

The TPX license screen after pasting the registration number

6) After pressing OK, TPX Server is active. You can see the tpxserver icon in the system tray. Please see below.


During the evaluation period, it is important not to change (set back or set forward) the system clock on your server. If any abnormal change in the system clock is detected (other than the regular flow of time), tpxserver.exe will terminate or fail to start with the error message: TPX Server protection layer2: end of trial period detected. After the trial period ends, the server will stop functioning. Restarting the server will pop up the license screen enabling you to enter a valid (non time-limited) registration number.


7) Now you can proceed by configuring TreePad X Enterprise. This step involves the creation of one or more databases, and the addition of database users. Please double click on the link Configuring TreePad X Enterprise on how to proceeed next.


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