Specific features available to power users only


When power-users logged into the TPX client program, they have special privileges compared to standard users.

Power users (1) can access the Recycle bin, (2) define user-rights for individual articles and subtrees, (3) use the mass node mover screen, (4) open the node properties screen and (5) open the database properties screen.

Other users can not access the recycle bin nor can they change user-rights for individual articles and subtrees, nor can they open the mass node mover, node properties and database properties dialogs.

Please note that power-user privileges can be granted to a user through the TPX Administrator program which runs on the server.

Power-privileges are not global: a user can be a 'power user' on database1, while on database2 this is not the case.

Power users have unlimited rights within the database in which they have been granted 'power rights', but they not necessarily have these rights in other databases.

If a power-user is denied access to certain nodes or articles in that database, they have the 'power' to grant themselves the rights to view and edit these nodes or articles. If you want certain users not to access or change a number of articles or nodes within a database, these users should not be granted 'power rights' within that particular database.

Items in TPX Client which are only available to power users are marked in the screen shot below:


Please note that Menu: Tools⁄Security, Menu: Tools⁄Recycler, the mass node mover screen and the node properties screen are only visible to power-users, and not visible to normal users.

The 'lock' icon on the lower left is only visible to power users. It accesses the same functions as Menu: Tools⁄Security⁄Article and Menu: Tools⁄Security⁄Subtree.

The recycle bin icon on the lower left is only visible to power users. It accesses the same functions as Menu: Tools⁄Recycler.

When logged in as power user, this is indicated as (P) after the name of the currently active database.

Menu: Tools⁄Security⁄Refresh subtree (show all nodes), accessible to power users only, displays all nodes of the currently selected database, regardless of how the subtree user-rights for this power user have been set before.

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