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TPX Administrator manual home
Welcome to TreePad
   TreePad support
   Program description
   New features
   TreePad on the Web
   Single-user version
Getting started
   Package contents
   Installing TreePad X Server
      Installing TPX from scratch
      Upgrading from a previous version
      Installing TPX as a Windows service
   Installing TreePad X Client
      Installing from scratch
      Upgrading from a previous version
   Configuring TreePad X Enterprise
      Changing IP ports
      TreePad X Diagnostics program
         Step 1: TPX Client settings
         Step 2: Ping remote computer
         Step 3: Test TPX connection
         Step 4: Test TPX server login
         Step 5: Test TPX database login
         Step 6: Test TPX database access
      Running TPX without a network
   How to migrate from other TreePad Editions
      From TPX Enterprise Single-User
      From TreePad Business Edition (or lower)
Server Administration
   Database Management
   User management
   Server management
   Table management
   Backups: how to create a database backup
   Finding out the size of a database
   Database file types in more detail
Using TreePad X Client
   When are changes stored?
      Tree edits
      Article edits
   When are changes visible to other users?
      Tree edits
      Article edits
   Specific features for power users
      Article security
      Subtree security
      Recycle bin
      Mass node mover screen
      Node properties screen
      Database properties screen
   Features for all users
      Opening multiple databases simultaneously
      Accessory pane
         History Pane
         Search results Pane
         Bookmarks Pane
         Attachments Pane
      Data transfer
         Transfer between opened databases
         Transfer to⁄from other TreePad versions
      Changing the user-password
   TPX Client manual
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