Package contents
Contents of the archive
(1) tpxadmin.exe, TreePad X Administrator program
(2) tpxsrvr.exe, TreePad X Server program
(3) tpxsrvr.ini, TreePad X Server settings file
(4) install_tpx_as_service.bat - batch file for installing tpxsrvr.exe as a non-interactive Windows service.
(5) start_service.bat - batch file for starting the service tpxsrvr
(6) stop_service.bat - batch file for stopping the service tpxsrvr
(7) install_tpx_as_interactive_service.bat - batch file for installing tpxsrvr.exe as an interactive Windows service.
(8) uninstall_service.bat - batch file for uninstalling the service tpxsrvr
(9) view_active_services.bat - batch file for viewing all active services
Contents of the archive
(1) tpxclient.exe, TreePad X Client program
(2) tpxdiag.exe, TreePad X Diagnostics program
(3) tpxclient.ini, TreePad X Client settings file
(4) tpdlib2.dll, library for exporting⁄importing to⁄from TreePad .tpd files
(5) tpzlib2.dll, library for exporting⁄importing images to⁄from TreePad .hjt files, and for accessing TreePad icon libraries.
(6) treepadlib.tpz, the default TreePad icon library
(7) exportlib.tpz, library for Website export
(8) American.adm, spell check dictionary
(9) Roget.adt, thesaurus dictionary
(10) tpxclient_readme.txt, readme file for TreePad X Client
Self-running manuals
(1) tpxsu_manual.exe, end-user manual for the TreePad X Client program
(2) tpxadmin_manual.exe, manual for TreePad X Enterprise Server Administrators (this document)
Online and downloadable versions of these manuals can be found here:
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