Upgrading TPX Client from a previous version
The client files contained inside tpxclient.zip
To upgrade the client program from a previous version, just follow the steps below:
(1) Be sure that the client and diagnostics programs are not running
(2) Replace tpxclient.exe, tpxdiag.exe with the new versions.
(3) Replace tpzlib2.dll, tpdlib2.dll and exportlib.tpz with the new versions as well
(4) If the icon library file treepadlib.tpz is not present in the tpxclient directory, copy it into this directory.
(5) If your network requires TPX to use different IP ports from the default ports, edit file tpxclient.ini accordingly. In most cases the default ports are OK to use. See also Changing IP ports

(6) if the files American.adm and Roget.adt are not present in the tpxclient directory, copy them into that directory. Otherwise, you can keep the original versions.
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