Installing TreePad X Client from scratch



TreePad X Client is the program which runs on each client-computer and which presents itself to the end-user to access data stored on the server.  Each client-computer (workstation) needs to have one TreePad X Client program installed.

TreePad client consists of
1) the program tpxclient.exe (TreePad client program)
2) the program tpxdiag.exe (program for troubleshooting of TreePad X client-server⁄network connections)
3) the library tpdlib2.dll (logic for export⁄import to⁄from TreePad .tpd files)
4) the library tpzlib2.dll (logic for export⁄import of images to⁄from TreePad .hjt files and for accessing TreePad icon libraries)
5) treepadlib.tpz, the default TreePad icon library
6) the file tpxclient.ini (data needed by tpxclient.exe to connect to the server)
7) the files American.adm and Roget.adt (spell check and thesaurus information)

These files can be found in, and need to be copied onto each client computer, into the same directory.

Installation details

1) create a directory on your client computer, for instance c:\program files\tpxclient

2) extract all files in the archive to the directory created in step 1.

3) Before running TreePad X Client, you need to edit tpxclient.ini. Open tpxclient.ini with NotePad or another text editing program. Change the line

remotehost=(the name of your server computer)

Example: suppose your server computer (on which you installed tpxserver.exe) is called ‘my_server’, then you need to change that line into:


4) Save tpxclient.ini

5) Start tpxclient.exe  and login using one of the user-names you defined when configuring the TPX Server.

To get acquainted with the TPX program, you might want to try first running the TPX client and server on the same computer, just for testing purposes. For this configuration, you do not need to change the ini file of both client and server, since the remote host to which the client connects is localhost. Just first start the TPX server, define the default database and one or more users, then start the TPX client and log in
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