Upgrading TPX Server from a previous version
The server files contained inside tpxserver.zip
To upgrade the server from a previous version of TPX Enterprise server, just follow the steps below:
(1) stop and exit all TPX client programs
(2) stop and exit TPX server
(3) Make a backup of all your databases
(4) replace TPX server and TX Administrator with the new versions (tpxsrvr.exe and tpxadmin.exe)
(5) place tpxsrvr.ini into the TPX server directory
(6) if your network requires TPX to use different IP ports from the default ports, edit tpxclient.ini accordingly with NotePad or another text editor
(7) Start TPX Server by double clicking on tpxsrvr.exe
(8) Start TPX Administrator by double clicking on tpxadmin.exe and log into TPX Administrator
(9) Click on the databases tab
(10) Each database listed shows a version number associated to it. You need to update all databases displaying the 'please update' message to version 7.8. To do this, select a database, then click menu⁄database⁄update to version 7.8. See also the screenshot below:
(11) Please note that old TPX clients will refuse to work with the new TPX Server version. You will need to update your TPX client programs as well.
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