Configuring TreePad X Enterprise


TreePad X Enterprise can be configured using the TPX Administrator program. With TPX Administrator you can create, verify, optimize and repair databases, add⁄modify⁄delete user accounts and define power users.


1) To start TPX Administrator, double click on tpxadmin.exe in the directory of TPX Server.


2) Log in as 'Admin' using menu⁄administrator⁄login:


3) Enter the password, which is initially set to ‘DBAdmin’ (please note that all passwords are case sensitive).


4) After logging in as Administrator, the TPX default database setup screen appears. This screen will always appear at startup when the default database needs to be created or defined. Use this screen to create or select the default TPX database. A TPX database consists on harddisk of a directory containing a number of files.



5) After completing the previous screen, you can start creating user-accounts.

With menu⁄user⁄add you can add new users. The number of users you can add is limited by your TPX license only. A new user automatically gets read⁄write permissions to the default database. The tab 'users' in the TPX Administrator program contains a list of globally defined users:



6) The tab 'user permissions' shows a list of users, with access rights which can be set differently for each database. In this tab one can grant or deny access of users to each database separately. Additionally one can grant 'power privileges' on certain databases to a special selection of users:



Users with 'power privileges' (so called 'Power users'), have special functions at their disposal when running the TreePad X Client program:
(a) Power users have access to the TPX recycle bin for the specified database; this is not the case for other users
(b) Power users can grant or deny access rights to users on individual articles and subtrees . These tree-level access rights are available: full access, deny access, readonly access, and for articles: full access, deny access, readonly access.

7) After defining user accounts, and this is very important, please change the administrator password in the TPX Administrator program using menu⁄administrator⁄change password. Needless to say, the Administrator password needs to be kept secret and you cannot afford to lose it!

8) For further information, additional configuration options, troubleshooting and tips, please see:
Changing IP ports

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