Drag-drop into the article
(1) When one drops a block of text from an external program into TreePad's article, that text is imported into the article at the drop-point. (2) When a hyperlink is dragged from Internet Explorer (or another Webbrowser which supports this), the link is imported into the article at the drop-point. (3) When a file is dropped onto the article (from Windows Explorer or another file manager), a hyperlink to that file is created. Note: it might not be useful to create a file hyperlink when the link points to a location (on your local harddisk) which is not accessible by other users on the network. When creating a file hyperlink, make sure this link is valid to other connected users as well.
Drag-drop into the tree
(1) After dropping one or more files onto the tree, these files are imported into the tree in a similar way to the import function accessible through:
menu⁄database⁄import⁄into tree
(2) When you drop a selected block of text from the article into the tree, a new node will be created at the drop-point containing the selected article text.
Drag-drop into the attachment pane
When one drops one or more files (or a directory) onto the attachment pane, these files will be imported in the same way as through the function
To be able to do this, please first open the attachment pane by clicking on the 'attachment' button below the article, or by menu⁄view⁄attachments.
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