Database Management
The tab 'Databases' lists all currently defined databases. When the tab 'databases' is active, you can use the 'database' menu to access the database management functions.
To add and create a new database, click menu⁄database⁄add
To add an existing database, not listed, also click menu⁄database⁄add
To delete a database from the list, click menu⁄database⁄delete (the database will be deleted from the list, but not from the harddisk).
To modify a database in the list, click menu⁄database⁄modify . It is not possible to modify the database name, but you can select a different directory.
To update a database to the current version, click menu⁄database⁄update . Please note that it is good policy to always make a backup of the database directory before updating any database.
Please note that each database needs to have its own unique directory. If you have two Database names (first column in the screenshot directly above) which point to the same directory (third column) then these databases will contain the same data and any change made to one database will be a change to the other database.
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