Running TPX without a network
A good way to get acquainted with the TPX program without the need for any configuration is to run TPX without a network.
This is not useful by itself, since this configuration offers no real benefits over running a single-user TreePad version, but it can help gaining confidence and serve as a preliminary step for successfully installing TPX in a real network environment.
To install TPX for non-network operation, install TPX client and server on the same computer.
Installing TPX this way, you do not need to change any settings (the ini files of both client and server), since the client ini file specifies 'localhost' by default as the location of the server.
For details on how to install TreePad X Enterprise (multi-user), please see:
Installing TPX Server
Installing TPX Client

Should TPX not function in your specific localhost (non-network) configuration, very likely the default IP data port and⁄or the default administrator port are in use by other processes running on your system. In this case you need to specify different IP ports in the client and server ini files. See Changing IP ports
Please note that the TreePad X Diagnostics program can also be used to test a connection with 'localhost' when running TPX in the non-network mode described above.
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