Changing IP ports
The default IP ports TreePad X Enterprise uses are:

Administrator port=12006
Data port=12005
Diagnostics port=12001

To change the ports TPX uses, close the client and server programs, edit and save the ini files, then start the server.

The ini files TPX uses are: tpxsrvr.ini (which resides in the same directory as tpxsrvr.exe on the server) and tpxclient.ini (which can be found on the client computer in the same directory as tpxclient.exe and tpxdiag.exe).

This is the relevant ini section for changing IP ports in both files:

Please note that in most cases the default ini ports can be used by TPX without any problems. It is advised to change them only if you have good reasons to assume that they are in use by other programs on your network.
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