Transfer to⁄from other TreePad versions
(1) You can import an entire TreePad PLUS (TreePad SAFE, TreePad Business Edition, etc.) database into TreePad X Enterprise, using menu⁄database⁄import - this includes formatting, images and hyperlinks.
(2) You can also export a subtree to TreePad PLUS using menu⁄database⁄export (including formatting, images and hyperlinks).
(3) Alternatively, you can use menu⁄tree⁄copy and menu⁄tree⁄paste to transfer data to⁄from other TreePad programs, such as TreePad PLUS, TreePad SAFE, TreePad Business Edition or TreePad X Enterprise (single-user).
For instance, to copy a subtree into TreePad PLUS, click menu⁄tree⁄copy in TreePad X Enterprise, then in TreePad PLUS click menu⁄tree⁄paste. For transfer of data into TreePad X Enterprise, first click menu⁄tree⁄copy in TreePad PLUS, then menu⁄tree⁄paste in TreePad X Enterprise.
Before using this last method, please enable the 'external tree clipboard' in the settings screen. See also the regular TreePad X Enterprise manual.
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