TreePad X Enterprise (multi-user) description
TreePad X Enterprise is a powerful multi-user Organizer, Database, Word Processor, Documentation system, Intranet replacement system and Search Engine. Despite its versatility it is as easy to use as a standard Word Processor.

The TreePad TeamWare concept enables all your employees to instantly publish and access documents, images, phone numbers, hyperlinks, etc. without any special training or technical skills.
Application structure
In comparison to the traditional TreePad versions, TreePad X Enterprise is redesigned from the ground up. TPX Server consists of one server application running on a server computer, and a number client applications, running on the user's workstations. TPX allows simultaneous multi-user read⁄write access to a collection of large TreePad databases (up to 384 Gb for each database, please see also below) which reside on the server. Moreover, each TPX client can open up to eight databases simultaneously.
Instant Intranet replacement!
Enable your employees to instantly browse, search, retrieve and publish documents, texts, hyperlinks and images!
Using the TreePad X Enterprise Server, publishing and retrieving a document is just as easy as typing a letter in your favorite Word Processor.
Easy Installation and management
The TreePad clients connect with the TreePad server using the standard network protocol, TCP⁄IP. No special drivers or dlls are needed!
This means that your installation and application management costs will be very low!

Database size
TreePad X Enterprise supports databases of up to  which supports up to 384 Gigabytes (128 Gb text, 128 Gb images and 128 Gb binary data) on Windows NT, 2000 and XP but ONLY when all client programs and the server program are running from NTFS partitions.
If one or more server and⁄or clients are installed on FAT partitions and⁄or on Windows 95, 98, ME, the maximum supported database size is 12 Gb (4 Gb text, 4 Gb images, 4 Gb binary data).
Award winning user-interface
The personal edition of TreePad is a many-times awarded Personal Database and Word Processor. The same versatility and power, simplicity and intuitiveness of use applies to the TreePad X Client program. 
Articles and nodes
All data is contained in 'articles'; an article is the formatted text shown in the right pane of the program window. Please see the screen shot below.
Any article is contained in a 'node' which is the most basic part of the tree (left pane). 
Article security
Using the article security screen (accessible by power-users only), any user can be granted full access to an article, denied access to that article, or allowed readonly access.
Additionally, it is possible to apply current article security settings to all articles in a subtree, and to the entire subtree for some or all users.
An article which is set to readonly, or 'deny access' for a user can not be deleted by that user.
Tree security
The tree security screen (accessible by power-users only) allows granting or denying user-access to entire subtrees, or granting read-only access.
Access-rights can be set for the current node only, or for all nodes in the selected subtree, for all users, or for a selection of users.
Readonly subtree access prevents users from deleting nodes (and subtrees), editing node titles or moving nodes (and subtrees) in that subtree.
TreePad X Client   enables you to display, insert, copy⁄paste and store many Gigabytes of images. Images are stored in their native format. Currently these types of images are supported: .bmp, .png, .jpg, .gif, .emf, .wmf, .ico.
Article editing
TreePad X Client   allows full rich text editing of articles; font: bold, italic, underline, strike through, subscript, superscript, color, font background color, font name, font size; paragraph: left, right, center, justify, bullets (normal, numbered, alphabetic, etc.), indents, adjust left⁄right margins; tables: create, insert⁄delete rows, insert⁄delete columns, combine rows⁄columns⁄cells, show⁄hide table borders.
Character map
TreePad Enterprise comes with its own built-in multi-font character map for easy insertion of symbols and special characters from various languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Danish, etc.

Tree editing
You can create any tree structure you want! It is very easy to add nodes⁄articles to the tree, delete nodes⁄articles, move whole sub-trees around using 'drag-and-drop', (reverse)sort subtree or entire tree (recurse⁄non-recurse), number subtree (recurse⁄non-recurse), etc.
Open eight databases simultaneously
TreePad X Enterprise allows you to access up to eight databases simultaneously. You can access each opened database through the corresponding database-slot button on the left. To transfer subtrees directly from one database to another just use the mouse to drag-drop the selected subtree into a database-slot button.

Hyperlinks and auto-dial
TreePad X Client supports active hyperlinks (blue and underlined) to phone numbers (auto-dial), internal TreePad nodes⁄articles, to documents, folders and programs on your hard disk, to Web pages, email addresses, FTP sites, news groups.
File hyperlinks have an additional feature: right click on a file hyperlink in the article will open a new popup menu which accesses the Windows Explorer shell functions 'open file', 'edit file', 'print file', 'explore folder', 'file properties', 'edit hyperlink', 'open file with...'

The contents article can be zoomed from 10% to 1000%. The tool bar system is fully customizable, tool bars can be hidden, shown, you can move them around and place them anywhere, even in the main area of the program so that they become little floating tool windows.

Extended clipboard functions
Copy⁄paste of Rich Text and images (bitmap, vector), copy⁄paste as plain text, copy⁄paste of text formatting (format painter), copy⁄paste of subtrees.
The TreePad clipboard enables you to transfer subtrees between various databases, or between TreePad X Enterprise and the single-user versions (TreePad Lite, PLUS, SAFE, Business Edition) by using menu⁄tree⁄copy, menu⁄tree⁄paste.

A very useful feature is the internal search engine, which is able to locate any article or node inside the TreePad database.
TreePad X allows you to insert files of any type and reasonable size into the database using the 'attachments' feature. To activate the attachments feature, click on the attachments button below the article, then, using the attachment menu you can insert, delete, export and open attachments.
* Import from .hjt, .html, .rtf, .txt, .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .ico, .wmf, .emf
* Export to .hjt, .html, .rtf, .txt, .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .ico, .wmf, .emf
Recycle bin
Deleted nodes, attachments, articles and images are moved to the recycle bin awaiting final deletion.
TreePad's recycler not only allows exporting deleted attachments and images, but can also move deleted nodes and articles back to the main database.
Presentation Mode
You can convert TreePad Enterprise into a powerful presentation program by activating the (full-screen) presentation mode. Please see the screen shot below.
Navigate to different slides⁄articles by clicking on the tree, by using the floating navigation tool bar or by using keyboard shortcuts.
In presentation mode you can also hide the tree or the article, or show both.
Disk catalogs
TreePad X Enterprise can generate catalogs of your disks and directories. A disk catalog can be useful e.g. in creating a searchable database of all your removable disks (CD's, floppies, ZIP disks, etc.). Having such a database will simplify finding the right disk when you need a certain program or data file. With this function you can also create and manage shortcuts to files and directories on your hard disk.
This option is more extended than what can be found in specialized disk-catalog programs like CatFish and Cathy which do not possess TreePad's advanced search, organizing, reporting, print, export, import and HTML generation capabilities.
And last but not least, files and directories can be represented as hyperlinks (optional), activating the hyperlink will automatically open the file or directory if the corresponding disk or directory exists and is accessible by your system.

TreePad X Client can import from and export to standard (.hjt) TreePad files (including images and hyperlinks, but excluding tree-node formatting and tree-node icons).  
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