Installing TreePad X Server as a Windows Service



With version 7.4 it has become possible to run TreePad X Server as a Windows service (this is optional, and functions on Windows NT, 2000 and XP exclusively).

Before installing tpx as a service, please first install TreePad X Server as a Windows program, as explained in the article Installing from scratch (or the paragraph Upgrading from a previous version).


First-time users

It is recommended to run tpxsrvr.exe as a Windows application and not as a service, until you feel familiar with the program.

The reason for this is that a service is less interactive than a program. For example, suppose you run TPX in evaluation mode, and your trial period has just expired. When TPX runs as a program, it will give you a message that the trial period has expired after restart. The Windows service simply fails to start when the trial period is over (unless it has been installed as 'interactive service').


Installing TPX as a Windows service:

1) It is assumed below that you have successfully installed TPX as a program (as explained in Installing from scratch or Upgrading from a previous version), that TPX has accepted your registration number, and that you have succeeded in connecting one or more client programs to the TPX server through your LAN.

2) If the TPX server is running as a program, first stop it. To stop TPX when running as a program, right click on the TPX tray-icon and select 'exit'.

3) Then, to install the TPX service, double click on the batch file install_tpx_as_service.bat. After a few seconds, you should see a message that the service has been installed successfully. If this step takes longer than half a minute, and⁄or if you get a message that the service fails to be installed, try double-clicking on install_tpx_as_interactive_service.bat to see whether an error message is shown.

3) After having installed TPX as a non-interactive service, start the TPX service by double-clicking on the batch file start_service.bat.

4) You should see a text in the command-box that the TPX service is started.


Uninstalling the TPX service

1) To uninstall the TPX service, first stop the TPX service by double-clicking on the batch file stop_service.bat

2) Then double-click on uninstall_service.bat


Checking whether the TPX service is running

After having installed and started the TPX service, you probably want to check whether it is actually running. To do this, double-click on the batch file view_active_services.bat.
In the last screen (press the spacebar in 'more' until you have reached the last screen) you should see the entry for TreePad X Enterprise Server - TPXSRVR.

Note: this screen only lists services which are running. If TPX is not running as a service, it will not be visible in this list.


The Windows control panel

Alternatively, you can use the Windows control panel (Administrative tools) to install, start, stop, uninstall TPX as a service. The Windows control panel also allows you to check whether the TPX service is running (you might need to click 'refresh' to update its screen's contents).

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