Database properties screen
The node properties can be opened by clicking Menu: Database⁄Properties
This option is only avalable to powerusers.
The first three fields are for informational purposes (i.e. readonly).
The fourth field, 'Base path of relative hyperlinks' can be altered by power users.
E.g. if you set the base path to \\server2\shareD\ then a relative link 'docs\invoicetemplate1.pdf' points to: '\\server2\shareD\docs\invoicetemplate1.pdf'. Consequently, if you move the target files to e.g. \\server3\shareE\ you only need to update the base path (using the database properties dialog) to make the relative file hyperlnks function again.
Each database can have a differet base path, but please note that the base path is the same for all users of a particular database regardless of the computer they are using. Therefore the base path needs to exist on all computers where users might login (to this database) using TPX Client.
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