Subtree security
The 'Subtree security' function allows blocking users from seeing (or altering) certain subtrees.
Through the 'lock icon' on the left-bottom of the TreePad X Client program, or by clicking Menu: Tools⁄Security⁄Subtree power users can open the Subtree security screen (screen shot):

You can resize (or even maximize) this dialog to increase the listbox in which users are displayed.
Use the ctrl or shift key to select multiple users if necessary.
Explanation of the options:
'Full access' allows a user to change the content of the subtree (delete, move, create nodes)
'Deny access' will hide all nodes for the user
'Parent access' will make the subtree have the same access rights as subtree's parent node. Of no rights have been set in the subtree or any of its parent nodes for a user, effectively this user has full access to all tree nodes.
'Readonly access' prevents users from changing the subtree through drag-drop, delete, import, copy⁄paste, etc.
After pressing 'next', the following screen appears:

This screen presents you with the choice of applying the access-rights (as specified in step 1) to the current node only, or of applying the changes to ALL nodes in the current subtree.
Only if you enable the second option 'Apply the specified subtree-rights to each node in subtree', a third screen will appear in which you can select users and unselect users.

Only those users which have their access rights altered (in step 1) are shown as checked (initially, when step 3 first appears). In step 3 you can also manually check⁄uncheck specific users.
After pressing the 'Finish' button, only those users which are 'checked' (in step 3) will be updated.
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