When are article edits stored?
Article edits are stored after the user indicated that editing finishes.

Article changes are not stored instantly: the user has control over when edits are saved into the central database.
When a user makes a change in the current article, the article ruler will display a red border, please see below. And, whenever an article is being edited, other users can not edit that specific article, it is being locked by the TreePad database server, but they can still access the previous version of this article in readonly mode.
Methods of storing the article

Once the user has finished editing the article, he⁄she can store it immediately,
(1) by clicking Menu: Database⁄Save current article,
(2) by clicking on the green 'save current article' toolbar button (shown directly below):
(3) by clicking on the 'save article' button, which is only visible when the article is being edited, and the mouse is hovering over the lower right part of the article (see screenshot below).
(3) by clicking on the tree with the mouse,
(4) by selecting a different node.
After having saved the current article, the user will see that the article ruler displays a normal border color again indicating that changes are stored in the central TreePad X database. Now the new version of the article can be viewed by the other users as well.

Note: other users can immediately see the new version of the article, by selecting that node⁄article in the tree (if it was not selected before). Alternatively, if the node⁄article was already selected, changes in the selected article can be seen instantly by performing menu⁄view⁄refresh article or F5 when the article is active (has focus).

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