Saving and backup
Saving article cursor position
Saving search results
Saving the tree state
Saving TreePad settings
Screen mode
Search engine
Search for nodes containing attachments
Search Results pane
Search⁄replace FAQ and troubleshooter
Searching and replacing
Searching and replacing hints and tips
Selecting images
Selecting rows and columns
Sending Email
Setting the default node title
Shell functions for file hyperlinks
Show article, tree or both
Shutdown options
Skinning: changing TreePad's appearance
Some definitions first
Sorting nodes
Sorting nodes
Sorting tables
Sorting text
Special hyperlink functions
Specific features for power users
Spelling checker
Spelling options
Splitting and combining cells
Standard internet search
Standard tree search
Startday of the week
Startup and shutdown
Startup options
Status bar
Stay on top
Storage of images in their native format
Store main links in a central node
The structure of an exported Website
Subdividing and combining articles
Subdividing articles
Subtree security
Subtree statistics
Subtrees and sublevels
Superscripts and subscripts
Support and feedback
Switching between Tree and Article panes

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