Deleting a node
Important! When deleting a node with child nodes attached, not only the selected node but the whole subtree (selected node and all its child nodes, plus their subtrees) will be deleted as well!
Always think before deleting a node, and get into the habit of backing up your current file before deleting important nodes or subtrees! 
If you delete a subtree, all nodes will be moved to the Recycle bin, which can be opened by clicking "menu: tools⁄recycler".
To delete a node or a subtree, first click on the node to be deleted.
Then, to delete the node, either
In each case you will be asked to confirm your action before the node is deleted. Click Yes or press Enter.
After deleting a node or subtree, the nearest sibling of the deleted node becomes the current node; if no sibling is available the parent of the deleted node will become the current node.
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