Creating a test database
Single-user version:
To create a new database, click "Main menu: ⁄Database⁄New". Before the database is created, you will need to decide its name and location. TreePad will ask you this in the dialog "Create new TreePad database in directory:".
In the field 'filename' type 'dbtest1' and click the 'Save' button. Now you have created a database named 'dbtest1'.
When you create a new TreePad database you start off with the simplest tree possible, consisting of just one node (named "(new node)" by default) with no nodes branching off it.
You can rename the node or add child nodes (more about this later), but you cannot delete it.
The first node in a file is always created by TreePad and is the highest one in the Tree pane, where it sits in the top left-hand corner of the pane. Let us rename this the Root node (capitalizing the R in Root) to signify that it is the root of the whole tree. To do this, make sure that the Root node is selected1 and press F2 to open the node title editor.
Change its name to Root node and press Enter to close the editor window.
Now let's add some child and sibling nodes.

1. This means that it is now the currently selected node in the Tree pane.  When this happens it is actively highlighted as shown above (we also say it "has the focus" or "has focus"). To select any node, left-click or right-click on it. Left-clicking will give it the focus. Right-clicking will do the same but also bring up its context menu. Press Esc to hide the context menu.)
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