Exporting selected nodes
TreePad gives you two ways of specifying which nodes are to be included when you export a subtree.
1. Specifying the subtree to be exported
As we have seen, Main menu: Database⁄Export⁄Subtree allows you to specify the subtree to be exported. Selecting the Root node means that the whole tree will be exported.
2. Using node check marks
In a similar way, you can use node check marks to include⁄exclude nodes from export to single⁄multiple RTF⁄HTML⁄plain text files, or to a Web site. The node will only be exported if there are check marks in both the node checkbox icon and the Export⁄print tab checkbox.
Exporting a node without its child nodes
If you just want to export a node without any of the children, consider exporting just the article to file (menu: database⁄export⁄current article).
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