Database repair and optimize
Single-user edition
With the database optimize and repair functions in the options screen (Menu: View⁄Options, category: Database) you can verify, optimize and repair the currently opened database.
The button 'Verify tables' runs a check on all database tables. This function is useful if you want to see whether your database is not corrupted by whatever factor.
The 'Repair tables' button attempts to correct any errors in a damaged database. Database corruption can occur because of a number of factors, such as: one or more bad harddisk sectors, a computer crash, etc.
The button 'Optimize tables' reduces the size (it takes on disk) of the currently opened database by removing any unused space.
If you have enabled the option 'Create backups during optimize', before a repair or optimize action, a safety copy will be made of each table. The safety copy files reside in the same directory as the regular database files, but have file extensions: '.bbk', 'dbk' and 'ibk'.
It is recommended to have this option enabled as an extra measure of security during optimize⁄repair, and you should only use the button 'Delete backups' after having worked with the database for some time.
Multi-user edition
To verify, optimize and repair a database, please use the TPX Administrator program, as described in the TreePad X Enterprise Server manual.
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