Navigate panel options
The navigate panel allows a third way of browsing the exported Website (the first two methods being the tree pane and internal hyperlinks between articles). An image of the navigate panel as can optionally appear on each page of the exported Website:
The navigate panel contains five links:
'Search': opens the built-in Web search engine (this link is only available when the search engine is enabled in the Website export screen).
'Previous': points to the previous article in the tree. If available, the 'previous node' is the sibling node directly above the current node, otherwise it is the parent node.
'Next': points to the next article in the tree. If present, this is the sibling node directly below the current node. Otherwise the node displayed directly below the current node in the tree.
'Up a level': points to the parent node
'First': points to the root node of the exported Website
'Last': points to the last node of the exported Website, which is the node which is positioned at the very bottom of the tree when it is totally expanded.
It is possible to change the navigate panel's position on the page (top or bottom), background color font, border color and border width.
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