The Tree pane
The tree is shown in the left part of the screen. The Tree context menu is a context menu which is displayed by clicking the right mouse button while the mouse cursor is within the Tree pane. The commands found here are generally common to those in Main menu ⁄ Tree, which will be also be referred to as the Tree menu to distinguish it from the Tree context menu.
Note that the Tree menu is disabled when the Article pane has focus. To change focus to the Tree pane:
Navigating the tree
   Using the keyboard to navigate*
   Using the mouse to navigate
   Node history list
   History pane
Inserting (creating) nodes
   Inserting a child node
   Inserting a sibling node
   Time-saving insert functions
   Inserting an agenda or calendar
Deleting nodes and subtrees
   Deleting a node
   Deleting only the subtree root node
   Deleting only the subtree's child nodes
Expanding and collapsing subtrees
   Expand and collapse commands
   Custom Expand
Moving nodes and subtrees
   Moving single nodes using the keyboard
   Moving single nodes using the mouse
   Use cursor keys, drag or cut-and-paste?
   Moving a group of nodes
      Combined commands
         Turn selected sibling nodes into child nodes
         Transfer child nodes to a different parent
   The Mass node-mover screen
   The 'Children' pane
Sorting nodes
The Tree Clipboard
   How to copy and paste a subtree
   Internal and external Tree Clipboard
   External Clipboard considerations
   Copying the article contents*
Cutting⁄Copying⁄Pasting nodes and subtrees
Node properties dialog
Template-base nodes
Naming nodes
   Setting the default node title
   Editing the node name
   Copying and pasting the node name
   Numbering nodes
      Numbering new nodes
      Converting existing nodes to numbered nodes
   Case conversion options
   Date and time stamping nodes
   Using blank nodes
Formatting nodes
   Node formatting overview
   Default tree and node format
   Changing the format of individual nodes
Automatic paste*
Node icons
   The Icons pane
   Changing tree node icons
   Changing the default node icon
   How icons are stored
   The Icons menu
   Rearranging pane icons
   Icon libraries
   Node icons hints and tips
   Node icons FAQ and troubleshooter
Subtree statistics
   The Bookmarks pane
   The Bookmarks menu
   Bookmarks hints and tips
'Children' pane
   Moving nodes using the Children pane
   Navigating the tree using the Children pane
Node checkboxes
Saving the tree state
Tree background color*
Tree keyboard shortcuts*
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