Icon libraries
The Icons menu
The Icons pane
The Ignore All ⁄ Change All dictionary
Image conversion tables
Image filetypes supported
Importing a TreePad file
Importing and inserting images
Importing document files
Importing Favorites and links
Importing files into a subtree
Importing files into an article
Importing Windows Shortcuts and Internet Bookmarks
Including HTML source code
Increase⁄Decrease indentation
Indent markers
Indenting lines and paragraphs
Insert and overtype modes
Insert menu
Inserting (creating) nodes
Inserting a child node
Inserting a list of bookmarks*
Inserting a list of search results*
Inserting a sibling node
Inserting a table of contents
Inserting an agenda or calendar
Inserting and deleting rows and columns
Inserting items into your text
Inserting multiple hyperlinks to files
Inserting screen captures
Inserting special characters
Inserting the history list*
Installing and uninstalling TreePad X Enterprise (single-user)
Installing multiple TreePad editions on one system
Installing TreePad X Enterprise Server
Internal and external Tree Clipboard
Internet search
Introduction to data trees
Introduction to hyperlinks
Introduction to TreePad

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