TreePad X Enterprise comes with a built-in facility for sending emails.
You can send any article by email, by clicking on Main menu: Tools⁄Email⁄Send article
This will open the 'Send article by email' screen:

Configuring your email
If you have never used this screen before, you will need to configure it first.
Sending your email
Next, enter the name and email address of the recipient (the person to which you would like to send the email) in the two "To:" fields.
Finally, click the 'Send' button.
Option: "Send email as plain text"
An article which contains any formatting (such as bold, italic, font, color, etc.) is sent as HTML-email by default, unless you have enabled the option 'Send email as plain text'. In that case, only text is sent, without any HTML formatting. Most email programs are able to receive HTML-formatted emails.
Option: "Close dialog after sending email"
If you have enabled this option, the 'Send article by email' dialog is automatically closed after the email has been sent.
Tab: "Status"
The status tab allows you to follow the exchange with the email server in full detail.
Tab: "Server"
The server tab contains the configuration options for your mail server. Please see Configuring email
Tab: "Advanced"
The 'Advanced' tab contains the advanced settings for your email server. In most cases you will not need to change the advanced settings. For more information, please see: Advanced configuration
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