Article fields
These are self-updating data fields which can be inserted anywhere in an article, i.e., do not require manual update by the user. The fields are automatically updated each time the article is refreshed, such as when deselecting and then reselecting it. It may happen when the article is refreshed while currently selected, as in the case of a time field. The fields are marked with a yellow border to distinguish them from standard article text.
To insert an article field
Click Main menu ⁄ Insert ⁄ Field and select an item from the list displayed.
Date and time field
Tue Apr-07-2009 13:39
Diarists, Web loggers and those who frequently send out time-stamped memos may find this useful.
Page number field
Add this field to the end of an article as you add to it to display how many pages it will take up when printed. Note that you can position a field anywhere; in this example, in the center of the article.
Node caption field
Article fields
Insert this at the top of your article so that you need never have to remember to update it should you change the node caption. Note that an article field may be assigned its own font face, size and color.
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