Moving nodes using the 'Children' pane
The 'Children' pane provides an alternate way of moving nodes, not unlike the Mass node-mover screen. Since now there are two panes involved in the drag-drop operation, you can more easily move items between distant tree nodes.
How to perform a dual-pane drag-drop operation:
To move a node to a new location, just drag-drop an item from the 'Children' pane into the tree pane.
In more detail:
(1) first make sure that the children pane is open, and
(2) that the node which you want to relocate is visible inside the children pane.
(3) then scroll the tree so that the target location (i.e. where you want the node to move to) becomes visible.
(4) finally, move the node (using drag-drop with your mouse) from the children pane to the target location inside the tree pane.
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