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Since version 7.10.0, TreePad X Enterprise comes with its own built-in Website search engine, which enables Internet visitors to search your TreePad-generated Website.
You can enable⁄disable the TreePad Web-search engine in the tab 'Search engine' inside the Website export dialog.
It is also important to have 'navigate panel' option enabled for generated Websites, because the 'search link' inside the navigate panel is currently the only method of accessing the search engine.
The Website search engine is a PHP script which needs to be uploaded to the Internet in order to function. It will not function when you run it off your harddisk.
A screenshot of the TreePad Website search engine:
The 'Search Help and Tips' link points to the following help text:
When you enter multiple words in the search box separated by spaces, TreePad Web-search will return the pages that contain all these words. For example, when you enter employee company hire, Web-search will return all pages which contain the words employee and company and hire.
To search for an exact phrase, just put quotes around it. For example: "millions of people" will return all pages containing the exact phrase millions of people.
Searches are not case sensitive. For example, when you enter millions, Web-search will find the same pages as when you enter Millions or MILLIONS.
More complex search phrases are also possible. Example: when you enter "millions of people" employee company hire, Web-search will return all pages containing the exact phrase "millions of people", as well as the words employee, company and hire.
Search results are sorted according to the number of occurrences (of the search words and phrases) in the articles. An example of the search results when you search for 'search engine' in the online manual for TreePad X Enterprise:
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