Configuring TPX Email
Configuring the TPX Enterprise email screen is straightforward. Just don't forget to click the 'Apply' button after you have entered (or updated) the settings.
(1) First click on the tab 'Server' (shown below) and enter the SMTP Server. This is the server to which you connect for sending emails. If you do not know the name of the server, you can find it in the settings of your regular email program, or in the documentation provided by your Internet provider. Just enter the same name in the SMTP Server field as you have found in the settings for the 'mail-send' or SMTP server in your regular email program.
(2) Only if your SMTP server requires a password for sending email, you need to enable⁄check the option 'Enable authentication' and enter your SMTP username and SMTP password. Usually - but not in all cases - the SMTP username is the same as your email address, and the SMTP password is the same as the password which you use for receiving emails.
In case of any doubt regarding the SMTP authentication settings, you might want to consult the settings for sending emails in your regular email program, and copy them into this screen (or consult the documentation provided by your Internet provider).

(3) Next, return to the tab 'Email' (as shown below) and enter your name and your email address in the two 'From:' fields.

(4) Finally, press the 'Apply' button to store the settings.
(5) In most cases this concludes the configuration for sending emails. Only if your Internet provider uses a non-standard network port for sending emails (other port than '25'), you need configure this in the tab Advanced configuration
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