Attachments are files of any type (and reasonable size) which can be inserted into the database. TPX Enterprise attachments are very similar to files which are attached to emails (so-called "email attachments"). The difference is, that in TPX Enterprise attachments are files which are attached to TreePad articles and the files become part of the database (they are embedded into the database).
To insert a file into the database, first click on the 'Attachm' button just below the article. This opens the 'attachment pane'. You can also open the attachments pane through "Menu: View⁄Accessory pane⁄Attachments" or "Alt Ctrl A".
Then, to actually insert the file, just click "Menu: Attachments⁄Insert".

A screenshot of the attachment pane is shown directly above. In this screenshot, you can see that 6 files have been attached to the article in this example:
(1) "offer.txt", a text file (707 bytes)
(2) "Contact.pdf", a PDF file (47.5 Kb)
(3) "Contact_Response.doc", a Word Document (2 Mb)
(4) "", a Zip file (400 Kb)
(5) "Test database 1.tpd", a TreePad Business Edition database (.tpd file, 22 Mb)
(6) "fat32format.exe", a program (.exe file, 23.5 Kb).
All these files have become part of the TreePad X Enterprise database. Please note that none of these six entries are links to outside files and that all these the files are embedded into the database.
To open any of these files, just double click on one of them.
Please note that the files are attached exclusively to the currently opened article. If you open a different article you will see a different list of attachments or even an empty attachment pane. Then, when you go back to the first article, the attachment pane will display the same list of files again.
Moreover, when attachments are present in the currently active article, the 'Attachm' button will show in boldface style. This has the advantage that you can see whether an article has attachments without needing to open the attachment pane first.
The Attachments menu
Using drag-and-drop
Maximum recommended attachments size
Exporting subtree attachments
How to find nodes which have attachments
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