Tree Pane
TreePad's tree pane (the left-hand pane) consists of a tree-structure containing nodes.

Each node has an icon. Moreover, each node represents a document (or article). When you select a node in the left-hand pane, the corresponding article is loaded in the right-hand pane (article pane).
The tree represents the structure of the database. It can be used to navigate the database, to add new articles, delete articles, and to organize the articles.
If the tree pane is empty, you first need to open a database. For this you can use the 'database' menu.
TreePad X Enterprise Single-user:
- "Menu: Database⁄New" creates a new database
- "Menu: Database⁄Open local database" opens a database
TreePad X Enterprise Multi-user:
- "Menu: Database⁄Open remote database" opens a database
To access an article in your opened database, just click on its corresponding node in the tree pane. If the article pane is empty after selecting a node, this means that the article does not contain any data. Just click on the article to focus it, and type a few words.
To save the information which you have typed, click "Menu: Database⁄save current article" or press the key-combination "ctrl S".
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