TreePad Viewer
Freeware reader program that enables anyone to read⁄view TreePad files (.tpd, .hjt and .htmhjt database files). In other words, TreePad files can easily be shared with anyone, users and non-users of TreePad, alike. Take advantage of TreePad Viewer and send your friends, classmates, or business acquaintances your new photo album, eBook, report, research paper, presentation, etc.
TreePad Viewer runs on Windows 95⁄98⁄ME⁄NT⁄2000⁄XP. Any .tpd database, .hjt file, .htmhjt file or set of documents created using Treepad can be accessed using this freeware Viewer program.
To generate information from TreePad X Enterprise for TreePad Viewer, inside TPX Enterprise first click on the subtree you would like to publish, then export the subtree to TreePad .tpd file (Menu: Database⁄Export⁄Subtree⁄To files). The .tpd file can be directly opened with TreePad Viewer.
Please note that the maximum recommended combined size of all articles and nodes is around 20 Mb when you want to use TreePad Viewer. The total amount of images and icons can be 1 Gb when you use .tpd files, or 40 Mb when you use .hjt files. 
TreePad Viewer additional features: TreePad Viewer can open password protected⁄encrypted databases. Also: a search engine, an options screen, zoom 10% - 1000%, history back⁄forward, images, tree node icons, hyperlinks, etc. TreePad Viewer is freeware for commercial and non-commercial usage, can be distributed with your TreePad databases free of charge, without any royalties and without any other costs.
The TreePad Viewer can be found on⁄treepadviewer and is compatible with all documents and databases created with the TreePad PLUS, SAFE, Business Edition, TreePad PRO and TreePad Lite (Windows⁄Linux).
TreePad X Enterprise is also compatible with TreePad Viewer, through export to TreePad .tpd, .hjt and .htmhjt file.
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