Miscellaneous shortcuts
Here you will find keyboard shortcuts not included in tree or article shortcuts.
Main menu shortcuts
Database menu shortcuts
Ctrl+N: Create a new file
Ctrl+O: Open a file
Ctrl+S: Save currently opened file
Ctrl+P: Print current article
Ctrl+Alt+R: Reopen previously opened file
Ctrl+Alt+M: Minimize TreePad to System Tray
Ctrl+F4: Close file
Edit menu shortcuts
Ctrl+F7: Display article statistics
Search menu
Ctrl+F: Search Tree or Search Article, depending on which pane has the current focus
Shift+F11: Search Tree
Shift+F12: Search Article
Shift+Ctrl+R: Replace text in article
View menu
Ctrl+F5: Toggle Presentation (full screen) mode (Esc also exits)
Ctrl+F10: View Tree and Article panes (default)
Ctrl+F11: View Tree pane only
Ctrl+F12: View Article pane only
Ctrl+F9: View Accessory pane only (toggle)
Shift+Alt+O: View Options screen
Help menu
F1: Display manual
Accessory pane shortcuts
Icons pane
Ctrl+Alt+I: Toggles display of Icon pane
Insert: Add new icons
Delete: Delete selected icons
Bookmarks pane
Ctrl+Alt+B: Toggles display of Bookmarks pane
Ctrl+0: Jump to Root node
Ctrl+[1-9]: Jump to one of first 9 bookmarks1.
History pane
Ctrl+Alt+O: Toggles display of History pane
Enter: Makes selected node the current node
Search results pane
Ctrl+Alt+U: Toggles display of Search results pane
Enter: Makes selected node the current node
Ctrl+Alt+D: Toggles display of DraftPad
TreePad activation keys (system-wide)2

  1. This works only with number keys in the alphanumeric section of the keyboard, not with the keyboard number pad keys.
  2. See TreePad activation key.
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