Case conversion options
The case-conversion options inside Menu: Format⁄Convert not only apply to a selected block of article text, but they can also convert the case of the title of the currently selected node.
To apply these functions to the current node title, please first make sure that the tree has focus (if not, just click on the node title). Also note that the node editor should not be active.
The following case-conversion functions are available:
Convert to upper case     (example: PERSONAL INFORMATION MANAGER)
Convert to lower case     (example: personal information manager)
Convert to title case  (title case example: Personal Information Manager)
Convert to sentence case  (sentence case example: Personal information manager)
and Invert case (converts "Personal Information Manager" to "pERSONAL iNFORMATION mANAGER")
For the lower⁄upper case conversion functions you can also use the Uppercase or Lowercase toolbuttons on the Article and node formatting toolbar:
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