The DraftPad offers an extra text editing pane beneath the current article. You may keep it displayed while changing articles, and hide it when you need the full height of the Article pane. You can adjust the proportional sizes of the Article pane and the DraftPad by dragging the horizontal divider between them up or down. TreePad remembers the position of this divider, as well as the DraftPad's contents, for each file.
The DraftPad keeps key information in front of you at all times. Unlike the Windows Clipboard, you can directly view and edit text stored in the DraftPad. You can create, insert and activate hyperlinks in it. The DraftPad also supports tables, but not images. It is not limited in size.
Uses for the DraftPad
To open the DraftPad
(To reopen the DraftPad if it was the last accessory viewed, press Ctrl+F9.)
To close the DraftPad
DraftPad features
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