Making a database backup
Making a database backup, single-user edition:
To make a backup of your current database,
(1) first, inside TreePad, look at the statusbar to get the absolute path to the directory containing your database
(2) open this directory inside a file-manager program, such as the Windows Explorer or Total Commander
(3) inside TreePad, close the database, through Menu: database⁄close
(4) copy all files of type .dat, .idx, .blb and .dbi to your backup directory
Making a database backup, multi-user edition:
(1) Shut down or halt the TPX Server program (on how to do this, please see the TPX Enterprise manual). Also make sure that nobody is connected to the TPX Server program.
(2) Open the directory containing the database in Windows Explorer, Total Commander or another file manager
(3) copy all files of type .dat, .idx, .blb and .dbi to the backup directory

The file types listed hereafter do not have to be backed up, but it cannot hurt to back them up as well: files of type .bbk, .dbk and .ibk do not need to be backed up (if present), since they are only internal safety copies. These files are safety copies of the regular database files which were made during a database optimize⁄repair action. Also, the .lck file does not need to be copied.
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