Case conversion
Case conversion options
Changes TreePad makes to your system
Changing the default node icon
Changing the format of individual nodes
Changing the link target
Changing the link text
Changing tree node icons
Character map
'Children' pane
The 'Children' pane
Click the node icon not its title to select it
Cloning image references
Closing databases
Color marker
Combined commands
Combining articles
Command-line parameters
Configuring TPX Email
Conventions used in this manual
Converting existing nodes to numbered nodes
Converting selected text to a hyperlink
Copy ⁄ paste of formatting
Copy special and Paste special
Copying and Cutting text
Copying and moving text
Copying and pasting hyperlinks
Copying and pasting the node name
Copying or moving text and images
Copying the article contents
Copying the article contents*
Creating a new database
Creating a test database
Creating borders and boxes
Creating hyperlinks
Creating hyperlinks made easy
Creating image hyperlinks
Creating plain text hyperlinks
Creating the tree
Creating underlined hyperlinks
Custom Expand
Customizing the tree
Customizing TreePad
Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete
Cutting, Copying and Pasting images into an article
Cutting, copying and pasting nodes
Cutting⁄Copying⁄Pasting nodes and subtrees

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