'Children' pane
The children pane gives an alternate view on the child nodes of the selected tree node. It also shows additional information such as the date on which a node (or its article) has been changed and the number of children of each child node.
To open the 'Children' accessory pane, just click on the button 'Children' below the article (or click Menu: View⁄Accessory pane⁄Children). After this the 'Children' pane will be visible just below the article as can be seen in the screenshot below.
You can sort the list of children according to 'Date changed', 'Children' and 'Node title' by clicking on the corresponding column header. Please note that this will not sort the nodes in the tree pane, it just sorts the list which is displayed in the children pane.
How to use the children pane:
Moving nodes using the Children pane
Navigating the tree using the Children pane
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