Expandable⁄collapsible tree pane
Websites generated with TreePad X Enterprise, by default have benefit a dynamic⁄Javascript tree pane 1, 2. This means that each exported tree-node can expand⁄collapse inside the Web browser; just like in TreePad itself!

As an example of a TreePad-generated Website, you will find this manual converted to HTML pages at
More examples can be found on www.treepad.com⁄webgenerator

1. Try not to make the exported dynamic⁄Javascript tree too large. The dynamic⁄Javascript tree will become rather slow when your exported Website contains many thousands of nodes. There is little TreePad can do about this, this is related to how Javascript performs inside a Webbrowser.
The recommended maximum number of nodes for dynamic⁄Javascript trees generated by TPX Enterprise is around 2000.
As an illustration, this manual has around 500 nodes and as you can see at www.treepad.com⁄docs⁄tpx⁄manual⁄ the online version performs well.
2. You can enable⁄disable Website export with dynamic tree pane in the Tree options
If you disable the 'dynamic tree pane' option, the exported tree is static and will always be fully expanded (showing all nodes).
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