Power users and regular users
Inside TreePad X Enterprise Server (multi-user) there are two types of users:
1 - Power users
2 - Regular users
Power users have access to all functions in the TreePad X Client program, while normal users can not use all functions.
More specifically, power users have access to the Recycle bin, Mass node mover screen, Node properties screen, and - most importantly - power users can specify user-rights on the subtree-level, node-level and article-level.
Please see Specific features for power users
A power-user is defined on the database-level. For example, this means that User1 can be a power-user in Database1 while he⁄she is a regular user in Database2. For more information on how to define power users using the TPX Administrator program, please see the dedicated TreePad X Enterprise Server manual.
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