Mass node mover screen
Through "menu⁄tree⁄tools⁄mass node mover", one can access the mass node mover screen. This dialog presents itself in a two-tree-pane view, allowing drag-drop between the two tree panes, or drag-drop inside a tree pane. Only after pressing OK, the changes one has made to the tree are stored. This screen allows for swift multiple tree-move and tree-sort operations before the changes are stored into the database.
In the multi-user edition, the mass node mover screen is only accessible to power users. It bypasses any standard tree security settings which are applicable to the tree in TreePad's main screen. The mass node mover screen can even show nodes which - according to the security settings - are not visible for the active user when in TreePad's main screen. This does not compromise security, since a power user can grant him⁄her-self access to any node in the main TreePad screen anyway, through the tree security menu. With the mass node mover screen, power users have an additional tool to facilitate management of the TreePad database.
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