Startup options
Methods of starting TreePad
1.  Click its icon in the Windows Start menu
This is the simplest method and is recommended for inexperienced users. First click on the Windows start button, then find the TreePad program group, and click on the icon of the program.
2.  Double-click its program icon in Windows Explorer
You can start TreePad in this way by going to its installation directory and clicking the appropriate .exe file, e.g., TreePadXEnterprise.exe. Even without installing the program, TreePad can be run from a directory simply by unzipping the files, then double clicking on the program file (executable) itself. TreePad can also run directly from a USB disk (see Installing and uninstalling TreePad X Enterprise (single-user) or Installing TreePad X Enterprise Server ).
Startup options
By default TreePad X Enterprise shows the Quick Start Dialog when the program starts. This dialog allows you to:
1 - open the entire set of last accessed databases in one go
2 - select a recent database to be opened from a list
3 - select any database to be opened
4 - create a new database
5 - or do none of the above by clicking on the 'Cancel' button
It is also possible to make TreePad not show this dialog the next time it starts, by
- unchecking the option 'Show this dialog the next time TreePad stats' (in the Quick Start Dialog) or
- by using the options screen: Main menu: View⁄Options, category: Startup.
See also: Command-line parameters
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