Database properties dialog
The database properties dialog contains information regarding the currently active database. You can open it through Menu: Database⁄Properties.
This screen contains the database name, database version and number of nodes. These fields cannot be altered and are for informational purposes only.
Base path for relative hyperlinks
The bottom field 'base path for relative hyperlinks' can be adjusted by clicking on the corresponding ellipsis button or by typing directly inside the field.
Example: if you set the 'base path for relative hyperlnks' to 'd:\mydata\' then a relative link inside the current TreePad database 'docs\invoicetemplate1.pdf' points to: 'd:\mydata\docs\invoicetemplate1.pdf'. Consequently, if you move the target files to e.g. 'e:\docs\' you only need to update the base path (using the database properties dialog in TreePad Enterprise) to make the relative file hyperlnks function again.
If you specify an empty base path in the database properties dialog (default), relative file hyperlinks are relative to the location of the directory of the currently active database. To clear this field just click inside it, then delete the characters using your keyboard.
See also Relative hyperlinks
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