The Attachments menu
It is important to realize that the Attachments menu (at the top of the TreePad main window) is only visible when the attachments pane is open. To open the attachments pane, just click on the 'Attachm' button below the article, or click Menu: View⁄Accessory pane⁄Attachments
With the TreePad X Enterprise Attachments menu you can:
(1) Insert one or more attachments simultaneously
(2) Delete one or more attachments in one go
(3) Sort attachments alphabetically
(4) Open or Run attachments
(5) Export Attachments
Inserting attachments
After you click Menu: Attachments⁄Insert, the following dialog will appear:

If you want to insert one or more files (as attachment to the currently active article), select the option 'Insert file(s) as attachment(s)'. After pressing OK a 'file open' dialog will allow you to select one or more files. If you wish,you can insert multiple files by holding down the Shift or Ctrl key while selecting the files.
If you want to import all the files inside a folder as attachments, select the option 'Insert (the files inside) a folder as attachments'. After pressing the OK button you get the opportunity to select the folder⁄directory. If you want to insert the files inside all contained sub-directories (recursively) as well, you need to enable the option 'Recurse folders'. Otherwise only the files in the selected folder⁄directory will be inserted (and none of the files inside any of the contained subdirectories).
You can also insert one or more attachments by first clicking anywhere inside the attachments pane, then press the 'Ins' key on your keyboard. Finally you can insert attachments by using drag and drop
Deleting attachments
To delete an attachment, first select it with the mouse, then click Menu: Attachments⁄Delete or press the 'Del' key on the keyboard. Furthermore, you can select multiple attachments for deletion while hodling down the Shift or Ctrl key.
Sorting attachments
To sort attachments alphabetically, just click Menu: Attachments⁄Sort alphabetically. You can also use drag and drop to manually change the order of the attachments.
Opening or running attachments
To open an attachment directly, just double click on it. If the attachment is an a program (an .exe file), it will run directly. If the program is a data file (and not a program), TreePad will open the file in the default program which is installed on your system for that file. For instance, if you have MS Word installed, an attachment of type '.doc' will open in MS Word after you double click on the attachment. If the file is a .pdf file, it will probably open inside Acrobat Reader.
Exporting attachments
To export one or more attachments to file(s), first select the attachments (just hold Ctrl or Shift when you want to select multiple items), then click Menu: Attachments⁄Export. After this, you can specify the output directory in which the files will be stored. The selected attachments are exported to this directory using their original filenames. E.g., using the example from the previous article, the attachments named 'Contract_Response.doc' and 'Offer.txt' will be exported to file using their respective original filenames 'Contact_Response.doc' and 'Offer.txt'.
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