Accessory pane
The Accessory pane is an area below the article, which can be shown or hidden by clicking on one of the buttons in the Article Button Bar below the article. You can increase the relative size of this pane by dragging its top border upwards. The Accessory pane contains the following functions, or 'Accessories':
History pane
The History pane allows you to view a list of the nodes you most recently selected and jump to any of them.
Search results
The results of a tree search (menu:search⁄tree) are displayed in the search results pane when the search is completed.
Bookmarks pane
Inside a TreePad database there may be one or more key nodes to which you keep returning frequently. You can create a bookmark to each one of them in the Bookmarks pane to enable you to jump quickly to any of them.
Icons pane
The icons pane displays the contents of the current icon library. Double clicking on an icon inside the icons pane will add the icon to the tree-pane. More specifically, that icon will be assigned to the currently active tree node. Also, when you open the icons pane an 'Icons' menu will appear at the top of the TreePad window. If the icons pane is not open, then the 'Icons menu' will not be visible.
Attachments pane
The attachments pane can contain a list of binary files. An attachment is a file of any type and reasonable size which is stored inside the TPX database. An attachment is associated with an article. If the attachments pane is empty, then no files have been associated with the currently active article.
When you select a different article, a different list of attachments will be displayed.
Only when the attachment pane is open, an 'Attachments menu' is visible at the top of the TreePad window.
The DraftPad offers an extra text editing pane beneath the current article. You may keep it displayed while changing articles, and hide it when you need the full height of the Article pane.
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